Something is Missing

Something is missing in our lives.  

We can feel this loss but we cannot grasp what is lacking.

The proof of this lies in the problems we have largely ignored.

We have developed our mind but not our heart.

At some level we know this. 

 But we do not know what to do about it.

The fabric of our society is unraveling.

The glue that holds us together—love—is weak.

The solution we seek is not to be found in the outer world around us.

We first need to turn our attention to within.

What we seek is a stronger connection to our very own heart.

We have never committed ourselves to ending human suffering.  

There have always been individuals and groups who have dedicated their lives to helping others.  God bless them! But we as a human race seem resigned to the idea that suffering is inherent in the human experience.  And once we accept that suffering is inevitable, we allow ourselves to rationalize the misery of others.  

We are talking about our basic human nature. When we become motivated by fear, we usually cease to be rational.  The worst aspects of our nature come to the surface.  How we behave becomes part of the problem.  Einstein is right.  We cannot solve our problems with the same consciousness that created those problems.  If we are to resolve our human dilemma, we are going to have to examine—and elevate—our own consciousness. 

Take the example of the internet.  The internet has shrunk the planet.  In the past we were scattered all over the globe. We had little direct contact with one another.  Our digital age now brings us into immediate and constant contact with one another.  The differences in our world views and cultural patterns are magnified by this constant contact. The internet was designed to help us connect with one another and bring us closer together. It succeeded in that.   At first, we were fascinated by our ability to connect with people all over the world.  But then the problems began.  Spamming, identity theft, fear mongering, cyber-bullying.  

The internet brought us together.  Now it is tearing us apart.  Now we use the internet to deceive others, plant fake news and stoke people’s anger and rage. We are splintering into tribal factions that loath one other.  Our very picture of reality is tearing us apart. What is real?  What is not?  We cannot agree on this.  Whom can we trust to tell us the truth?  Each group insists that it knows the truth. Each group thinks that its cause is righteous.  Which means, if others disagree, they must be evil. 

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