Section 4 – The Head and the Heart (Continued)

Our consciousness orients itself around two centers:  the head and the heart.  The head center orients itself around the brain and the mind and focuses on the outer world around us.

Our culture has oriented itself around our use of the mind and our focus on the outer word around us.  The world of matter and form and the world of ideas are where we focus our attention.  This is what matters in life.  We also refer to this as the head center.

The head center is the locus of where we experience our outer world.  In the outer world this center is located physically in the brain.  Experientially it is located in the mind.  So we speak of this center as the brain/mind center.  

The brain is a physically reality.  The mind is a subjective reality. The mind has no physical location but most of us experience this mind as being behind our forehead..  This is where we think.  This is where our ideas come from.  This is where our vision and sound seem to be centered.  

The mind is the result of what happens in the brain and the central nervous system.  The mind seems to be in the brain, but actually, the mind is part of consciousness.  The brain is the mental center of our body; the mind is the mental center of our consciousness.

What we are calling the “head” center is the locus of our mental functioning.

The second center we are calling the “heart”.  The heart center is located in the center of our chest and it regulates our feeling world.  

The heart center works in parallel with the head center. While the head is processing mental activity and coming up with thoughts about our world, our heart is processing our feeling activity and coming up with internal sensations that communicate with us.

When we speak of feeling, we are not referring to emotions. although emotions can be part of it.  Feeling is the counterpart to thinking.  Just as thinking is the activity of the head center, feeling is the activity of the heart center.

Let’s just pause here to comment on the obvious.  We are describing these two centers as if they work in tandem with one another.  Indeed, that is how we are designed to function.  But we do not function this way in our culture.  Our society has equated the heart center with uncontrollable emotions that the mind cannot control.  Our culture has told us to avoid this place and to stay in our mind where we feel more in control.  We are constantly reminded to stay objective and rational about things.

Traditional science tells us that reality is a thing.  Quantum Physics tells us that reality is experience.  

The experience of the inner world is just as real as the experience of the outer world.  But the nature of what we experience is very different.

Traditional science has denied a significant portion of the human experience.  It is impossible to calculate the cost to the human race of this negation.   But we can see the cost in the human events of the world today. 

We learn from many of our experiences in the outer world.  We can also learn from many of our experiences in the inner world.

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